You want the music for your film to be a perfect fit. It should set the right tone – heighten the emotion – all without distracting from the dialogue and the action onscreen.

But the composer is the one member of the team you can’t meet in film school. How do you find the right composer? When should you have music? What role does the music serve? And most importantly, how can you properly relay all of this to your composer?

Helix Collective’s Phil Popham will cover all of this and more at…

From Spotting Session to Final Dub:

How to Find the Right Composer and Get the Perfect Music for Your Film


Saturday, February 8, 2020
11:00am – 1:00pm
The Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Phil has contributed to over sixty indie and big-budget films as a composer, conductor, and performer. He is Music Director of the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival which pairs filmmakers and composers together to produce completed films featured in concert.

Using multi-media examples, he will decode the film-music environment and cover production processes and tips that few film programs ever discuss. The workshop will include:

  • Which roles music can serve and how
  • When to have music in your film
  • Knowing what type of music your film needs
  • How to choose the right composer
  • The process of creating a soundtrack with your composer
  • Communication and vocabulary for the quickest and best results

Join us to find out how to find the right fit for this crucial member to your production team!


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