Coming off a busy week – the just-wrapped Produced By Conference, LA Film Festival, and Sundance London; the still-going Dances With Films and Seattle Film Fest – and the talk of the trades this whole week was sequels (from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, ScreenCrush, The Playlist, and a three-parter from Forbes). Whoever wasn’t writing about sequels was probably writing about politics (Bernie, Hillary, and Trump fans are free to hash things out in our comments section – we’re sure things will be kept civil). But there was actually some other stuff going on in the world of film this week, and you can read about some of them below!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of June 6, 2016)

Watching Rocky II With Muhammad Ali (via
In light of The Champ’s death, a reprint of Roger Ebert’s 1979 essay.

Short Films Are Too Hard To Access, But Too Important Not To Watch (via Maddie Crum for The Huffington Post)
Discussing the value, originality, and accessibility of short films.

Directing a Love Scene: How to Have Better Sex (in Your Film)
(via Patrick Chapman and Keith Black for MovieMaker Magazine)
Before asking your actors to do the (fake) deed, some tips on how to make it less awkward.

How To Finance An Independent Film (via Bryan Sullivan for Forbes)
Breaking down the different forms of fundraising to make a movie.

They Remade Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here’s Why. (via Mekado Murphy for The New York Times)
The story of two ’80s kids and their decades-long quest to remake their favorite film.

Let’s Start Putting More Regular Disabled Characters In Movies And On TV (via Brian Grubb for Uproxx)
Seriously, Professor X has been the standard-bearer for far too long.

An opening scene so brilliant it renders the rest of the film redundant
(via Mike D’Angelo for The A.V. Club)
Viewing the opening credits of a Truman Capote biopic (no, the other one) as a standalone short film.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

2016 LA Film Festival Recap
Inside our filmmaker party, actors panel, and this year’s award-winners.


New Releases

Movies from our June Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

How Much Does Everyone Earn on a $200 Million Movie? (via Vanity Fair)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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