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Meet SAGindie’s Usual Suspects.

While indie film is the SAGindie staff’s passion, they too can be seduced by the Hollywood machine from time to time, including the current craze of reboots and remakes. Which has them wondering: What Hollywood movie would SAGindie’s employees love to remake?

Check our staffers’ bios for their dream remakes.

Darrien Michele Gipson

SAGindie National Director

Darrien Gipson Darrien Michele Gipson is the National Director of SAGindie. An M.F.A. recipient from the Peter Stark Producers Program at the University of Southern California, Darrien was formerly the Vice President of Production for DEF Pictures. As National Director of SAGindie, Darrien leads a team that is responsible for independent filmmaker outreach and specializes in teaching low budget production focusing on the process for hiring professional actors via SAG-AFTRA’s low budget contracts. She is a frequent moderator and speaker on panels and production workshops, negotiates sponsorship agreements with film festivals around the country, spearheads SAGindie’s annual national advertising campaigns, oversees, and throws several epic filmmaker parties. Darrien has traveled to over 55 film festivals in more than 25 states and 5 countries to consult with independent filmmakers. Yes, she has a lot of frequent flyer miles. No, she isn’t sharing them.

The Hollywood movie Darrien would like to remake is The Sting. She’d set it in the 1970s, it would star George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and it would make a billion dollars. (Not that she cares about money…)

Eliza Hajek

SAGindie Manager of Development and Sponsorship

Eliza Hajek Eliza was born with a vestigial tail! Her parents took her around the world in a traveling show featuring other aberrations, where she was the star. When interest in her died down, she consulted a wise man who told her she would become rich and famous after moving to Los Angeles and becoming involved in film. Looks like he was right! Her duties as Manager of Development and Sponsorship encompass (among other things) traveling to film festivals, speaking on panels and at seminars, and interacting with independent producers worldwide in order to get the word out about the SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Agreements.

The savvy executive in Eliza would remake Trading Places. She’d trade Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd for Tiffany Haddish and Cecily Strong, with Alan Arkin and Robert Forster as the millionaires, plus Channing Tatum in the Jamie Lee Curtis role.

Colin McCormack

SAGindie Communications Manager

Colin McCormack Colin McCormack graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a degree in Media Studies, and has worked in various capacities as a writer, producer, and editor on projects ranging from features, short films, commercials, and documentaries. Before arriving at SAGindie, Colin managed a filmmaker outreach program for a national animal welfare nonprofit, assisting documentary and narrative filmmakers on production, financial grants, research, and marketing. As SAGindie’s Communications Manager, Colin handles advertising and promotions, social media outreach, filmmaker interviews, and web operations.

When it comes to picking a movie to remake, Colin thinks the children of today deserve their own version of the cherished cinematic masterpiece Camp Nowhere (starring Kate McKinnon in the Christopher Lloyd role, obviously).

Shefali Vasudevan

SAGindie Office Coordinator

Shefali Vasudevan Shefali grew up in Northern California with a bunch of tech nerds, including her parents. She then went on to study Film Production at Emerson College in Boston and eventually remembered that she hated cold and moved back to the West Coast and has been living in Los Angeles since. Shefali has written and directed a few short films and worked in both narrative script development and reality TV casting. She still writes and directs in her free time as well as sings and plays the ukulele with some friends at local venues. She is excited to be working at SAGindie and helping filmmakers and actors have their projects come to fruition. She’s here to help out the team and can answer any questions you might have!

Shefali’s dream movie remake would be a gender-swapped ’80s kids adventure, like The Goonies for girls. She also has her eye on bringing The Craft to the 21st Century. (Wouldn’t you watch Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Selena Gomez form a coven?)

Michael Sládek

SAGindie New York Consultant

Michael Sladek Michael Sládek is an award-winning filmmaker whose recent feature-length films include Con Artist (New Yorker Films), BAM150 (Cinema Guild), and Devils Are Dreaming (Dances With Films, Jury Award). Sládek has also directed and produced multiple shorts, music videos, and web series, including the animated short We Live On Your Street (Slamdance Jury Award). A 2013 Acker Award recipient, he is a screenwriter and graphic artist/illustrator as well as a stage director. A once-and-future actor and member of SAG-AFTRA, Sládek currently serves as New York Rep for SAGindie, helping bridge the gap between indie films and union performers. He has worked as a freelance journalist for publications such as Mean Magazine, served as Filmmaker Coordinator for Tribeca Film Festival, as Talent Coordinator for MTV News, and as Personal Assistant to author Jamaica Kincaid. Hailing from Denver, Colorado and Southern California, Sládek studied theater and actor training in college.

Michael’s dream remakes are Logan’s Run and Capricorn One. Having Googled them, he discovered that remakes of both are already in the works. So, yet again, he’s a day late and millions of dollars short. (Damn.)

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