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Before there was spoken word in film, there was music. But now that talkies are all the rage, how does an independent filmmaker find the right music for their movie? How does an up-and-coming composer get attention from the film industry? As so many aspects of indie filmmaking have become more accessible than ever, there is still too often a barrier between the film and music worlds.

SAGindie Movies & Music is a program designed to bridge that divide, making it easier for indie filmmakers and music professionals to connect and – if the feeling is right – make beautiful music together.

Film Music Connect

SAGindie & Helix Collective’s Film Music Connect matches indie filmmakers with professional composers to create original music for their short film.


The SAGindie Movies & Music Panels give filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to learn about a swath of issues from industry experts.


Channel Surfers: Today’s Favorite TV Music
Saturday, June 29, 2024
Northridge, CA

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