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The SAGindie Movies & Music Panels give filmmakers, musicians, or anyone interested in film and music the opportunity to learn from industry experts about a variety of topics. It’s a chance to get a free education from people who have made a name for themselves in the film and music industries.

Past Panels

The Art of Collaboration: Composers and Filmmakers Working Together

Actor/writer/producer Heather Olt, director Mandy Fabian, actor/writer/producer Sarah Chaney, composer Logan Stahley, moderators Sarah Robinson, Phil Popham, & Colin McCormack
Presented by SAGindie and Helix Collective
January 23, 2021

The Perfect Score: Creating Powerful Scenes with Music

Songwriter/producer Shannon Sanders, entertainment attorney Angela D. Green, composer Geoff Koch, moderator Darrien Michele Gipson, music supervisor Jabari Ali
Presented by SAGindie and the International Black Film Festival
October 4, 2019, Nashville

The Power of Music: Setting the Scene with Composers & Music Supervisors

Moderator Kaya Savas, composer Dominik Scherrer, composer Cormac Bluestone, composer Carla Patullo, music supervisor Amanda Krieg Thomas, composer Patrick Warren, composer David Norland
Presented by SAGindie and Impact24 PR
June 4, 2019, Los Angeles

She Shoots, She Scores: Director-Composer Collaboration

Moderator Ryan Silbert, composer Morgan Kibby, composer Lillie Rebecca McDonough, filmmaker Quinn Shephard, composer Allyson Newman, filmmaker Karen Johnson
Presented by SAGindie and SAG-AFTRA Foundation
April 30, 2019, New York

The Enduring Partnership of Movies & Music

Moderator Jongnic Bontemps, composer Keegan DeWitt, filmmaker Chad Hartigan, composer Daniel Hart, composer Kathryn Bostic
Presented by SAGindie and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Department of Education Initiatives
May 29, 2018, Los Angeles

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