Seeing that today is National Best Friends Day, we at SAGindie are doing the friendly thing and providing you with a curated list of film industry reads from the past week. Although to be honest, it’s the same thing we’d do even if it wasn’t National Best Friends Day. (Just telling you straight, like a best friend would.)


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of June 4, 2018)

What Ever Happened to Alan Smithee, Hollywood’s Worst Director? (via Thomas Harlander for Los Angeles Magazine)
A director’s last resort when they hated their film.

Fetishizing Celluloid Is Bad For Film Preservation (via Meg Shields for Film School Rejects)
An alternate take on the ol’ “film vs. digital” debate.

AFI Launches Cinematography Workshop for Women Filmmakers (via Gregg Kilday for The Hollywood Reporter)
A great opportunity for women looking to get (literally) behind the camera.

In Search of the Last Great Video Store (via Kate Hagen for The Black List Blog)
An in-depth look at the last vestiges of the movie rental establishments.

Put the Green in Greenlight With This Guide to the Most Effective Film Financing Tactics (via David Albert Pierce, Esq. for MovieMaker Magazine)
A lawyer walks you through the different ways you can get money for your movie.

Keegan DeWitt breaks down the Hearts Beat Loud soundtrack Track by Track: Stream (via Ben Kaye for Consequence of Sound)
The composer (and recent panelist at our Movies & Music event) shares insight into his newest soundtrack.

From a Producer’s Perspective: How to Find and Acquire Intellectual Property (via David Kaufmann for ScreenCraft)
Because not all movie ideas can come from your brain.

How movie stars conquered the ‘gig economy’ (via Andrew Hanna for Politico)
Looking back at the early years of actors’ labor battles.

Charles D. King Isn’t Looking To Join Your Club. (But Maybe You Could Join His…) (via Chris Green for Produced By)
The journey from agent to producer.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Christina Choe, writer/director of Nancy
Winner of the 2018 Sundance Screenwriting Prize, Choe talked to us about her feature debut.


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