SAGindie (well, Darrien and Eliza) are back at Cannes for another year of American Pavilion festivities (and maybe a few film screenings if lucky). But not all movie people are there; some are stuck at home, looking at French Riviera Instagrams with a hint of jealousy. One great way to distract yourself from jealousy: Reading film-related news articles! By luck, we’ve listed some of the week’s best below.

(Also Happy Birthday, Go Into The Story!)


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 15, 2017)

10 Things to Know Before Shooting Your Microbudget, Part 1 and Part 2 (via Liz Nord for No Film School)
From pre-production to legal fees to hidden costs, how to get your (small) budget in order.

Inside The Cult of Carol, The Internet’s Most Unlikely Fandom (via Angela Watercutter for Wired)
How Todd Haynes’ 1950s lesbian love story became the Rocky Horror of the Tumblr crowd.

How a Short I Wrote Ended Up Being Directed by Robin Wright and Premiering at Cannes (via Denise Meyers for Women and Hollywood)
Persistence in screenwriting can eventually pay off – even after you’ve given up.

Wait, Is It Good or Bad To Be A Woman in Indie Film? My Lady Brain Hurts (via Emma Specter for LAist)
Parsing the contradicting headlines about the newest study on women in film.

At Cannes, le Booing Isn’t Just Reserved for Bad Films (via Nicolas Rapold for The New York Times)
The world’s fanciest film fest’s history of asshole vocal audiences.

Wild at Heart: The Long, Varied Career of Laura Dern (via Lindsay Zoladz for The Ringer)
Appreciating an actress who has perfected the transition from indies to blockbusters and back.

How Agencies Became So Vital To The Indie Film Ecosystem (via Mike Fleming Jr. for Deadline)
Agents used to just get actors jobs – now they’re helping keep the mid-budget film industry afloat.

The Sly Poetics of Terry Zwigoff (via Julia Yepes for Interview Magazine)
The Ghost World and Art School Confidential director reflects on his (far too brief) career.

How A Cemetery Became LA’s Favorite Movie Theater (via Danny Jensen for Thrillist)
Sorry, AMC and Alamo, Angelenos prefer watching movies near dead people.


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How this year’s summer blockbusters picked their locations: Tax incentives (via Reuters TV)

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