Independent Spirit Awards Swag 2007:

  • One IFC branded Twelve bag with shoulder strap
  • One box Light Butter Pop Secret popcorn
  • One airline bottle of Grey Goose Le Citron vodka
  • One tin Altoids Raspberry Sours
  • One mark. makeup combo stick, with Glow Baby Blow Luxe lip gloss and Winkstick eye shadow
  • One set of You Go Girl Stereo! Headphones
  • One package Hollywood Fashion Tape and Hollywood Tag Tamers
  • One Acura electronica mix CD
  • One set AMC coasters
  • One set of 3 tubes of Vee-STICK Hemp Seed Oil Lip Balm from Axium (our neighbors on the Miracle Mile)
  • One Gelaskins iPod Nano covering
  • One WE keychain with dog themed charms
  • One ELLE magazine with Jessica Simpson on the cover
  • One circular advertising the Los Angeles Film Festival
  • One issue of the Film Independent Calendar
  • One Independent Spirit Awards program, with the nominees listed in the wrong running order
  • One solicitation to join Film Independent

Pretty good haul for a 13 year old girl from Sherman Oaks, no? Unfortunately, I didn’t see any 13 year old girls at the Awards ceremony. In fact the youngest person there was most likely the poised young actress (and Spirit Award winner) Shareeka Epps, who clocks in at just a shade under 18 – still probably too old for the ridiculous flower-shaped You Go Girl! earbuds.

Has the bag gotten more useless than ever? Click here to see last year’s haul and judge for yourself.



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