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Big movies, small movies, and medium movies are hitting the screens this July, and the SAGindie staff have made their picks. See which movies are most likely to pull our staffers out of the heat and into the A.C. this month.


Darrien’s Picks:

Okay, I might check out Legend of Tarzan. I mean, I like a nearly naked Alexander Skarsgard, and Samuel L. Jackson ought to be good for a few great lines (“I’m MF tired of these MF apes in my MF jungle! And who is the MF white boy in the loin cloth?”).

Ghostbusters – obvi

Star Trek – double obvi (RIP Anton)

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie because those are my squad goals.

But Bad Moms? Don’t need it, I live it (see Absolutely Fabulous comment).


Eliza’s Picks:

repeat viewings
in character

when i need a break from that, Ghostbusters, probably


Colin’s Picks:

As a big Mike Birbiglia fan, his newest film Don’t Think Twice is at the top of my list. In-fighting and politics within an improv comedy troupe may not seem to be the most likely setting for high-stakes cinematic intrigue, but if you’ve ever hung around a UCB theater you know that world is cut-throat. Like a funny House of Cards.

Other movies on my list this month: Viggo Mortensen being lovably weird in Captain Fantastic; Life, Animated, a doc about the power of movies (which would fit nicely alongside a marathon viewing of The Wolfpack, Chuck Norris vs. Communism, and Raiders!); a feminist take on Wall Street (starring Skyler White!) in Equity; and The Land looks like a promising drama from a new filmmaker. I also feel a moral obligation to see Ghostbusters as a rebuke to the sad babymen who don’t like that girls can do stuff now. As far as I’m concerned, if Melissa McCarthy wants to kill ghosts with nuclear weaponry, how can we say no?


Amanda’s Picks:

I’m determined that one blockbuster this summer will capture the nostalgia and excitement of what made me love them growing up. Independence Day 2’s abysmal reviews have pushed that to the back burner for me, but that means I have money to see The Legend of Tarzan, which isn’t being universally panned so that’s a plus! I also hate to admit that I’ve kinda loved the Purge movies, even though Frank Grillo was just TOO SKILLED in the last installment; yes I know I need to contend with more Frank Grillo this time around but it’s Election Year! And I need to be prepared for what happens if D Trump becomes prez. My indie for the month is The Land, because when I watched the trailer I really thought, hey I might care about these characters.



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