An epic week for movie nerds: Back to the Future 2’s Future became the Present, and is now the Past (huh?); the internet melted when Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets went on sale (and released a new trailer – we’re honestly shocked Amanda made it to work this week after that one). And if you’re an indie film nerd, or awards show nerd (do those things exist?) there was also the exciting announcement of the Gotham Awards nominations (no, they don’t have anything to do with Batman). But for all other movie news, we’ve collected the best reads of the week for you to peruse at your leisure. Happy reading!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 19, 2015)

Can Budget-Slasher Jason Blum Prove The Way Hollywood Makes Movies Is Horrifyingly Wrong?
(via Amy Nicholson for LA Weekly)
A look at the career of the prolific low-budget horror producer (who has an office in a van!)

Latina Filmmaker Patricia Cardoso Was Almost Hired To Direct A Feature 7 Times
(via Ana Luisa González for LA Weekly)
The struggles of creating a lasting career as a Latina filmmaker.

Film Directors Aren’t So Different From Scientists (via Katie Kilkenny for Pacific Standard)
A look at the research linking neuroscience and filmmaking.

Watch The Mashup That Helped The Final Girls Become A Fantastic Movie (via Neil Miller for Film School Rejects)
The very cool (but probably copyright-infringing) concept trailer a filmmaker used to pitch his movie.

Attention, Filmmakers: 6 Tips for Distributing Your Indie Film (via Ryan Anielski for Indiewire)
Industry pros from the New Hampshire Film Fest offer their advice on distribution.

A new generation of Westerns puts women in the saddle (via Kiva Reardon for The A.V. Club)
A look at the recent onslaught of feminist Westerns.

Eh, Maybe ‘Selling Out’ Isn’t So Bad After All (via John Magary for Wired)
Gotham Award-nominated filmmaker Magary writes about how he became an iTunes-peddling “sellout.”

Spike Lee Sounds Off on Chi-Raq, Gun Violence, and Rahm (via Bryan Smith for Chicago Magazine)
Lee talks about his troubles shooting a film in the Windy City.


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