So… a lot happened this week in the entertainment news world. Like, a lot. Celebrity arrests and felony convictions and Twitter meltdowns and hacking scandals and attempted comebacks. But we are keeping our heads on straight and focusing on the entertainment news that really matters to actors and filmmakers. We’ve collected some of the week’s best below!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of April 23, 2018)

Why Netflix Might Want Its Own Movie Theaters (via Inkoo Kang for Slate)
How the streaming giant wants to disrupt (or – in some opinions – destroy) theatrical distribution.

What Women In Film Can Learn From The “Manless Eden” That Was Hollywood’s Silent Era (via Elena Nicolaou for Refinery 29)
The history of cinema’s early, female-centric years.

Indies Fight to Survive as Marketplace Undergoes Radical Changes (via Akiva Gottlieb for Variety)
CinemaCon brought theater owners together this week, but are arthouses still relying too much on an old, white audience?

Art of the Creative Entrepreneur, Part 1 and Part 2 (via Michele Meek for The Independent)
The minds behind Stage32 and NewEnglandFilm talk about starting film-related brands and businesses.

Q&A 101: Everything You Should Never Ask Talent After Watching a Movie (via IndieWire)
For the love of God, please read this before raising your hand at the next festival screening.

Ser Anzoategui On What It’s Like to Be a Non-Binary Latinx Actor in Hollywood (via Manuel Betancourt for Remezcla)
Finding an acting career when you don’t fit neatly into a “type.”

The Truth About Prop, Makeup, and Effects Costs & Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners (via Michael Dinetz for Backstage)
Don’t skimp on the makeup. Your actors will thank you.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Tribeca Film Festival 2018 Winners
Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Wright, and Diane took home some big awards. See the full list.


New Releases

Movies from our April Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

It was at that moment that we realized, maybe it wasn’t the video about voiceover narration that was the thing worth watching. Maybe the thing worth watching… was inside of us the whole time. (via Fandor)

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