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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of June 24, 2019)

Why Wes Studi’s Governors Award Will Be a Landmark for Native Americans (via Ray Halbritter for Variety)
The wide-reaching impact of the first Native American actor to ever receive an Oscar.

Filmic Founder/CEO Neill Barham on Shooting with Smartphones, Camera Apps, and the Future of Filmmaking (via Bryant Frazer for StudioDaily)
The evolution and future of mobile moviemaking.

Let’s talk about deadnaming trans people and why ‘freedom of speech’ isn’t always the answer (via Clémence Michallon for The Independent)
Why SAG-AFTRA and GLAAD are calling on IMDb to stop publishing trans actors’ birth names.

Streaming Movies Will No Longer Be Eligible for the DGA’s Highest Award Without an Exclusive Theatrical Release (via Matthew Dessem for Slate)
Inside the DGA Awards’ new ban on day-and-date releases.

Big Changes Ahead For Sundance As Longtime Festival Director John Cooper Plans Exit (via Gregory Ellwood for The Playlist)
The search is on for a new festival director.

Here’s How Movie Theaters Will Survive the Next 10 Years: Exhibitors Speak Out (via Eric Kohn for IndieWire)
Letting indie distributors and arthouse theaters respond to the question posed in last week’s New York Times piece.


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Spike Lee’s Brooklyn block party for the Do the Right Thing 30th anniversary (via Spectrum News NY1)

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