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Good Reads for the week of May 4, 2015

This Exclusive Book Excerpt Shares Tips for Rehearsing Your Low-Budget Indie (via Indiewire)
Indie filmmaker William Dickerson shares his advice on how to work with actors on low-budget films.

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Making Short Films (via An Banh for Sundance)
Some Sundance-approved short filmmakers answer the pertinent questions.

Native American Actors Work to Overcome a Long-Documented Bias (via Cara Buckley for The New York Times)
Native actors share their stories of insensitive scripts and frustrating stereotypes.

The ‘Moneyball’ Network (via Adam Sternbergh for New York Magazine)
How Amazon Prime went from two-day-shipping to producing some of TV’s most groundbreaking series.

Actress Judy Greer: Why Should a Man Make More Than Me? (via Glamour)
Everyone’s favorite character actress on the pay discrepancy between male and female performers.


A video worth watching

Can you tell the difference between a $150 camera lens and one that costs $15,000?

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