Looking for something to do with your phone (and eyeballs) besides play Pokémon Go this weekend? How about browsing through this list of articles, essays, and interviews about the film industry from the past week? It may not lead you outside or cause bodily harm, but it’ll at least be educational.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 11, 2016)

How movies make money: $100m+ Hollywood blockbusters (via StephenFollows.com)
A study on how the other half profits.

Fix It in Production: A 1st A.D. Tells You What Mistakes to Avoid when Shooting an Independent Film (via Jim McQuaid for Filmmaker Magazine)
How to make your shoot go smoothly and efficiently. (It’s possible!)

Debut Films Are Exciting. But They’re Far Less Important Than Second Films. (via Sam Adams for Slate)
What we miss out on when filmmakers jump straight from indie debuts to blockbuster follow-ups.

Francis Ford Coppola Re-Launches Zoetrope.com, Will Showcase Short Films (via Anita Busch for Deadline)
Movies, wine, and now a short film launching pad. Coppola, what a guy!

IndieWire Turns 20: An Oral History of Supporting Filmmakers and Partying at Sundance From Those Who Lived It (via Eric Kohn for IndieWire)
Happy 20th, IndieWire!

7 Steps to Landing Distribution for Your Self-Produced Feature (via Michael DiBiasio for ScreenCraft)
How to keep (a little) control over your film’s delivery to the masses.

Why BuzzFeed Is Finally (OMG!) Going Hollywood (via Natalie Jarvey for The Hollywood Reporter)
How the ubiquitous media empire is transitioning from exploding-watermelon videos to feature films.

Flick Forever: Why Election Will Always Be So, So Good (via Lisa Rosman for Signature Reads)
Ahh, remember when U.S. politics could be satirized and laughed at instead of constantly filling you with utter dread?


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: JT Mollner, writer/director of Outlaws and Angels
How the first-time feature director shot an indie Western on 35mm film without breaking the bank.


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What’s your favorite movie theater in the world? (via Academy Originals)

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