May has arrived, and with it, obligatory Summer Movie Previews on every entertainment website ever (seriously, Google it – they’re everywhere). We haven’t looked quite that far ahead yet (we tapped out looking at the upcoming month’s worth of movies), but we did collect some of the other important and interesting reads from this past week to get you through your weekend. Go ahead and forward the links to your mom for Mother’s Day. She might even appreciate them more than your grocery-store orchids.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 2, 2016)

The Most Famous Actor You Don’t Know (via Igor Guryashkin for Paste Magazine)
Filmmakers talk about the unsung influence of actor Austin Pendelton.

Of Course Hollywood Doesn’t Take Asian People Seriously – It Never Has (via Matthew Eng for Tribeca)
A broader explanation of the #whitewashedOUT campaign.

A Filmmaker’s Saga: Harvey Weinstein’s Outrageous Battle to Sabotage My Movie About Him
(via Barry Avrich for The Hollywood Reporter)
Making a movie is hard. Making a movie about Harvey Weinstein is suicide.

How Green Room Transcends The Arthouse-Multiplex Divide (via Vince Mancini for FilmDrunk)
Can a movie succeed when it doesn’t fit within the “mainstream”/”specialty” dichotomy?

Who Is Michael O’Shea and How Did His American Indie Vampire Movie Get Into Cannes?
(via Chris O’Falt for Indiewire)
A first-time filmmaker’s Cinderella story that will give you hope (and unrealistic expectations).

Indie Movies Aren’t Hiring Women Directors Either, Study Finds (via Meriah Doty for The Wrap)
Et tu, indie film?

An Actress Recommends Five Classic Films To Her Child (via Leslie Kendall Dye for The Rumpus)
The passing of a cinephile legacy from mother to daughter.

You don’t need a budget when you have a hero this damn cool (via Tom Breihan for The A.V. Club)
How the indie blaxploitation movie Dolemite became one of the most important action movies of the ’70s.


New Releases

Movies from our May Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

The Worst Movie Moms Ever (via Flavorwire)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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