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Spring has sprung, and a new slate of movie releases are here to keep us indoors in spite of improving weather conditions. From Jane Austen adaptations to Superhero in-fighting, political sex scandals to 1970s buddy comedies, there’s a whole lot to choose from. See which May movies have piqued the interest of SAGindie’s staff.


Darrien’s Picks:

Wow, a lot of May movies – so few I actually want to see. But those I do want to see, I have a passion for!

1) Captain America: Civil War. I mean, come on! I haven’t been the biggest Cap fan, though Winter Soldier was awesome. Now, this looks even awesomer! Maybe even the awesomest?! My only beef is the symmetry of it all. The girl vs girl and the black guy vs black guy battles – cuz I need to root for them all. And no Thor. Cuz I really like Thor (the man, the myth – not the movies)

2) Pelé. Because he was freaking amazing and it’s about time he had a movie about him!!!

3) The Nice Guys. This just looks funny, ’nuff said.

Honorable mentions:

The Lobster. Again. Because I’ve seen it and gave it an honorable mention in March before it changed hands and was pushed to May.

Love & Friendship. Saw it at Sundance and really liked it. I was an English Lit major, so I am programmed to love Jane Austen. But this doesn’t feel like an Austen fan (not even one done by Emma Thompson!). This is really sharp and funny – much more Oscar Wilde a la An Ideal Husband. Which I also loved, BECAUSE I AM AN ENGLISH MAJOR!!!


Eliza’s Picks:

Love and Friendship
The Nice Guys


Colin’s Picks:

I’m tempted to start and end this one with The Nice Guys. That’s all I’ve wanted to see for about six months, since I saw the first trailer. The red-band trailer was almost my favorite movie of 2015. Done and done, thank you.

BUT… for the sake of variety (and page length), I guess I’ll consider a few other options…

Money Monster for the melodrama, Love & Friendship for the wit, High-Rise for the insanity, and Neighbors 2 for the debauchery. And let’s throw in a few documentaries: Politics and funny names with Weiner, and animal rights and the American justice system with Unlocking the Cage.

There you have it, a well-rounded movie slate.

(Also, The Lobster is finally coming out after being unceremoniously bumped from its initial March release. So that’s good.)


Amanda’s Picks:

Pick of the month goes to The Nice Guys, looks funny as hell, and if it has any of the cadence of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I’ll really enjoy it.

Elstree 1976 – if it’s related to Star Wars I’ll watch it, especially when it’s a doc about the unrecognized extras in the film, a.k.a my career aspirations.

Love & Friendship got Darrien’s endorsement from Sundance and I’m a sucker for period pieces and Austen novels, add it to the list.

High Rise has the trifecta of spooky apartment complex, dystopian class conflict, and Tom Hiddleston.

*Captain America: Civil War is probably going to be a lot of fun, and everyone is loving it, but I’m burned out of superhero movies; #TeamIronMan though.



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