Spring is supposed to be here, but snowstorms on the East Coast and rainstorms on the West Coast might signal some “indoor time” this weekend. So curl up with your laptop, tablet, or phone, and browse through our curated list of the week’s film industry reads.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of April 2, 2018)

“It was the best time of my life” – Jason Schwartzman on Rusmore at 20 (via Simon Bland for Little White Lies)
How a decision to wear a tuxedo to a party launched an awkard teenager’s acting career.

Share Your Empathy (via RogerEbert.com)
On the fifth anniversary of Roger Ebert’s passing, a celebration of the critic and the act of empathy.

How 50 Famous Female Characters Were Described in Their Screenplays (via Kyle Buchanan and Jordan Crucchiola for Vulture)
From the verbose to the cringeworthy, how leading ladies were introduced on the page.

Great movies about faith are hard to come by. Enter Blue Velvet. (via Tara Isabella Burton for Vox)
Viewing the David Lynch classic from a Christian perspective. (Yes, really.)

Talent agencies are reshaping their roles in Hollywood. Not everyone is hapy about that (via David Ng for Los Angeles Times)
How the dividing line between agent and producer is getting blurrier, and why that poses a problem.

What About The Breakfast Club? Revisiting the movies of my youth in the age of #MeToo (via Molly Ringwald for The New Yorker)
The muse of ’80s teen cinema reflects on what holds up (and what doesn’t) in her John Hughes collaborations.

UPDATED to include:
Franklin Leonard’s The Black List Makes Deal To Produce/Finance Meridian Entertainment-Backed Indie Films (via Mike Fleming, Jr. for Deadline)
From championing screenplays to making movies.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

SAGindie’s April ’18 Movie Picks
A new slate of movies for a new month.

Panel (Full Video): The Nuts and Bolts of Indie Filmmaking
Learn everything you wanted to know about insurance, payroll, permits, and entertainment law from this panel we co-hosted with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.


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It really exists. Terry Gilliam did it. He did it! (via ONE Media)

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