Life is busy – you’re forgetting old acquaintances for auld lang syne, whatever that means. It can be tough to stay up-to-date on the latest film industry news, profiles, analysis, and advice. That’s why we’ve curated some essential reads you may have missed over the past month. So take some time to catch up with this month’s good reads and we’ll see you in 2022!


This Month’s Good Reads (December 2021)

How to Get a Writing Job in Hollywood According to My Parents (via Erin Chack for McSweeney’s)
End the year with some humor. (And a recap of conversations you may have had during your family holiday visits.)

There Are Lots of Different Ways to Look Precisely Like New York (via Kevin Thompson as told to Paula Aceves for Vulture)
NYC location scouting and set-building tips.

101 Greatest Screenplays of the 21st Century (*So Far) (via Paul Brownfield for WGA East)
The Writers Guild’s list of best movie scripts.

The Coolest Cinemas in the World – As Picked by Its Most Exciting Filmmakers (via Phil de Semlyen & Andy Kryza for Time Out)
The movie theaters Pedro Almodóvar, P.T. Anderson, and more auteurs like best.

The 50 Best Movie Soundtracks of the Past 50 Years (via The Ringer)
‘Tis the season for lists. Here’s another one!

#MeToo Missed Us: Female Composers Speak Out (via Rebecca Keegan for The Hollywood Reporter)
Harassment and representation issues facing women in music.

The Literary Genius of Movie Novelizations (via Mike Rampton for MEL Magazine)
What you can learn from reading your favorite film.

Is an Oscar Campaign Worth the Cost for an Independent Documentary? (via Anthony Kaufman for Documentary Magazine)
How indie filmmakers struggle in the awards season rat race.

The (In)visible Spectrum: An Interview with Colorist Matt Wallach (via Alex Broadwell for Mubi Notebook)
How a colorist shapes the final result of a film.

In His Films, Big Roles Go to Passers-by and Professionals Alike (via Ben Kenigsberg for The New York Times)
How Sean Baker casts his films with with stars and unknowns.

Inside the Hollywood Labor Rebellion: “We Have Awoken a Sleeping Giant” (via Gary Baum & Katie Kilkenny for The Hollywood Reporter)
How entertainment industry workers have fought for their rights this year.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Lauren Hadaway, writer/director/editor of The Novice
An interview about filming on the water, working in sound, and more from the award-winning filmmaker.

2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards – Nominees
See what projects, performers, and filmmakers are up for this year’s top indie film prizes.

SAGindie’s Favorite Films of 2021
It’s that time of year – the end! Here’s what our staff watched and loved from the past 12 months.


A video worth watching

Season’s Screamings! (via Insider)

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