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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of September 9, 2019)

Who Cleans Up All The Gore And Goop When The Horror Movie Cameras Stop Rolling? (via Keith Phipps for MEL Magazine)
When there will be blood, there will also be mops.

How many independent films reach cinemas? (via Stephen Follows)
Indies seem easier than ever to make – but how easy are they to get on the big screen?

How composer Terence Blanchard wove history into the score for Harriet (via KC Ifeanyi for Fast Company)
A peek into the film composing process of the famed jazz trumpeter.

From Battery-Powered Sets to Finessing Craft Service, How Hollywood Is Reducing Its Carbon Footprint (via Matt Donnelly for Variety)
Since the Producers Guild launched their Green Production Guide a decade ago, how green has filmmaking gotten?

Apple Rolls Out New iPhone 11 Pro, With Filmmakers And Photographers In Focus (via Dade Hayes for Deadline)
When Tangerine director Sean Baker joins the stage for an Apple launch event, filmmakers take note.

El Norte: before and after (via Matthew Lickona for San Diego Reader)
Looking at the impact (and continued relevance) of Gregory Nava’s 1984 indie immigration drama.

Tall Girl Director Nzingha Stewart Is Already Over The Movie’s Backlash (via Elena Nicolaou for Refinery29)
When a black woman director gets flack for making a movie about a white girl’s struggles.

MoviePass is shutting down tomorrow (via Nick Statt for The Verge)
RIP, MoviePass. We were with you way back when.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Stella Meghie, writer/director/producer of The Weekend
We talked to Meghie about going from indies to studios and back to indies.


New Releases

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A video worth watching

With TIFF 2019 wrapping up, here’s a panel from this year’s fest with some great filmmaking inspiration (via CBC)

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