Looking to catch up on this week’s collection of tips and insight for filmmakers and actors? We’ve searched high and low for some worthwhile reading material to help you get through the weekend.

(And to kick things off, let us echo SAG-AFTRA’s statement that “We all have the absolute right to be safe at work.” Amen.)


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 9, 2017)

Operation: Hollywood (via Ariane Lange and Jason Leopold for BuzzFeed)
How The FBI will (and will not) help filmmakers with their projects.

How to Succeed as a Black Moviemaker – Or a Moviemaker Who Happens to Be Black (via Reginald Hudlin for MovieMaker Magazine)
The Marshall director’s views on diversifying the industry.

Magazine of the Living Dead: The bloody rise and frightful fall of Fangoria (via Clark Collis for Entertainment Weekly)
Revisiting the fan magazine that could make or break a horror filmmaker’s career.

What It’s Like to Be a Fiercely Independent Woman Film Fest Director in the Trenches (via Meira Blaustein for Women and Hollywood)
The Woodstock Film Fest director on the impact of her festival.

3 Eye-Opening Differences Between Short and Feature Scripts (via Ken Miyamoto for ScreenCraft)
Mastering your screenplay structure, regardless of runtime.


New Releases

Movies from our October Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

Spike Lee’s first film (a must-watch on Thanksgiving) is reborn (via Netflix)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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