Happy June! As the first official day of summer gets nearer and nearer, we will still expect you to utilize your brain and eyeballs with some light reading as if it were a school day. Here are some film-related highlights from this week to keep you educated and engaged.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 28, 2018)

How the Creators of My Friend Dahmer Turned a Graphic Novel Into an Indie Film Success Story (via Jody Girgenti and Liz Manashil for Sundance Institute)
Learn the nitty gritty of producing the serial killer biopic.

How raising a $2+M Seed Round really, actually went (via Emily Best for Techstars)
Seed&Spark’s CEO gets real about fundraising.

How 1960s Film Pirates Sold Movies Before the FBI Came Knocking (via Matt Novak for Paleofuture)
Inside the early years of film piracy (back when film was, ya know, on actual literal film).

How Do You Create the Perfect Motion Ident for Your Production Company? (via Charles Haine for No Film School)
If audiences are going to sit through a hundred logos before a movie starts, at least make sure yours is memorable.

The indie film world reacts to the fall of the house of Weintein (via John Clark for Los Angeles Times)
Former colleagues (and competitors) chime in.

Why The Old-School 4:3 Aspect Ratio Is Coming Back With A Vengeance Right Now (via Noam Kroll)
Why more movies are looking tailor-made for your grandparents’ old tube TV screen.

Go Ahead, Make Your Day: An Assistant Director’s Guide to Running a Set (via Jon C. Scheide for MovieMaker Magazine)
“AD’ing is a lifestyle, not a job.”

UPDATED to include:
Blumhouse Has Already Conquered Smart, Budget Horror. Can Upgrade Help It Do the Same for Science Fiction? (via Keith Phipps for Slate)
Why it’s time for budget-friendly sci-fi to break out.


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SAGindie’s June ’18 Movie Picks
Summer movie season has begun. See our picks for this month.


New Releases

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Learn the difference between the dolly and the zoom (via Fandor)

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