This week finds Darrien hunkered down in the snowy isolation of HatchFest in Montana, while the rest of us in the office are sweating in the it’s-not-Fall-yet heat of Los Angeles. But no matter your climate, you can stay cool by reading some of this week’s best showbiz-related articles, blogs, and essays. Reading is still considered cool, right?


Good Reads for the week of September 14, 2015

The Terrible World of Casting Notices (via Jenny Jaffe for Vulture)
An actress shares some casting call stories that would make Rose McGowan blush.

If you like Return Of The Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism
(via Caroline Siede for The A.V. Club)
Inside the shades of gray that come with criticizing a film’s female representation.

Bringing an Art-House Indie to Rural Audiences in a Montana Screening Tour
(via Vera Brunner-Sung for MovieMaker Magazine)
Hit the road with an indie filmmaker with this account of her DIY screening tour.

Love And Respect For The Movies We Outgrew (via Scott Beggs for Film School Rejects)
Why we hold movies from our childhoods in high esteem but are embarrassed by our favorite college flick.

Glut of Indie Films Divorces Itself From Laws of Supply and Demand
(via Peter Bart for Variety)
There are more indie films being made than ever, but these distributors still say there aren’t enough.

Tips for Getting Your Micro-Budget Feature Off the Ground
(via Steven Piet and Erik Crary for Indiewire)
The producer and director of Uncle John talk pre-production, casting, and more.


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