We’re heading into June this weekend, which means only one thing: We’ve collected a weekly listing of good reads for filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles to catch up on! (Ya know, just like we do every week regardless of if it’s turning into a new month or not.)

This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 27, 2019)

Hollywood Is Quietly Using AI To Help Decide Which Movies To Make (via James Vincent for The Verge)
We’ve heard this before (cough, Relativity, cough), but it seems we’re letting algorithms pick our movie stars again.

A Massive List of Summer 2019 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About (via Oakley Anderson-Moore for No Film School)
Get that money to make that movie!

Classified: Action Cinematography (via April Wolfe for Film Comment)
A brief history of the many action cinematographers who transitioned to action directors, from The Great Train Robbery to Jan de Bont and beyond.

MovieMaker’s 15 Submission-Worthy Screenwriting Competitions of 2019 (via N.L. Brooks for MovieMaker Magazine)
Writers write. They also submit to a lot of competitions.

Edward James Olmos Reflects on the Legacy of Stand and Deliver, Three Decades Later (via Carlos Aguilar for Remezcla)
The actor looks back on his Oscar-nominated (and Spirit Award-winning) role.

Sundance Signs Exclusive Three-Year Agreement with FilmFreeway for Festival Submissions (via Chris O’Falt for IndieWire)
The era of Big Withoutabox comes to an end.

The Last Word: Francis Ford Coppola on Brando, Smartphones and ‘Live’ Movies (via David Fear for Rolling Stone)
Some rapid-fire questions for the Don of Zoetrope.


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Are robots good screenwriters? Check it out and see! (Also, no, they’re not.) (via Austin McConnell)

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