Welcome to spring, y’all. While a new season may be upon us, what will never change is our burning desire to provide you with some of the week’s most worthwhile filmmaking-related reads.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of March 20, 2017)

Art and Commerce Are Stuck in An Abusive Relationship (via Dan Schoenbrun for Filmmaker Magazine)
An essay on balancing the “show” with the “business.”

Win It All: Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson on Shooting a 16mm Micro-Budget Movie for Netflix (via Emily Buder for No Film School)
The inside scoop on making (and acting in) ultra-low budget indies from two guys who have done it before (a lot).

Hollywood Is Getting Outsized Credit For Seriously Small Moments Of LGBT Inclusivity (via Alison Willmore for BuzzFeed)
But where can you find substantial on-screen LGBT representation? Indie films, duh.

A Recipe for Indie Success: The Tried-and-True Methods Behind Blake Robbins’ The Scent of Rain & Lightning (via Blake Robbins for MovieMaker Magazine)
A filmmaker breaks down his process.

TCM Diary: Paul Newman Directs (via Dan Callahan for Film Comment)
A look at the surprisingly indie-leaning (and female-centric) directing career of the salad dressing guy.

Now Would Be A Really Good Time For A New John Waters Movie (via Keith Phipps for Uproxx)
Come back to us, John Waters. You’re our only hope.

Disproving the ‘black films don’t travel’ Hollywood myth (via Tre’vell Anderson for Los Angeles Times)
A myth as old as time.


New Releases

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A video worth watching

Karyn Kusama, Zoe Lister-Jones, Tina Mabry, and Meera Menon on being female filmmakers (via SAG-AFTRA Foundation)

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