This week brought us much ballyhoo from the Toronto International Film Festival (or “TIFF” as the kids say). Films premiered. Rights were sold. Actors were acclaimed. Festival employees were (no doubt) polite. But what else was happening in the film world this week? Drop on by and have your way with these links.


Good Reads for the week of September 8, 2014

What The Economics Of Snowpiercer Say About The Future Of Film (via Dorothy Pomerantz for Forbes)
Turns out people are willing to watch a niche sci-fi film from the comfort of their own homes. Nerds!

This Perfect Poster Is Dear White People in a Nutshell (via Kyle Buchanan for Vulture)
Even better than the poster art? The story about the artist.

This 14-Year-Old Wrote And Directed A Horror Film, And Now She Has A Trailer To Prove It (via Amanda Scherker for The Huffington Post)
She’s like the Doogie Howser of slasher films. (Turn that into a pilot, ABC Family!)

The iPhone 6’s New Camera Could Forever Change Filmmaking (via Angela Watercutter for Wired)
Your obligatory “new iPhone” story… (P.S. “Angela Watercutter” is a badass name).

Hey, Risk-Taking Filmmakers! There’s A New Distribution Company Looking For You (via Pamela Miller for Film Independent)
Now all those experimental films shot on iPhones by 14-year-olds have an outlet.

Iconic Film Company Orion Pictures Returns After 15 Years (via Germain Lussier for /Film)
Yep, the studio that brought you The Terminator and RoboCop is back. Mmmm, simmer in that ’80s nostalgia.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Jill Soloway, creator of Transparent (via SAGindie)
Jill Soloway is a cool-ass lady, and her new show is great. Read It. Stream It. You Won’t Regret It.

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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