Maybe you’ll be spending some time with or calling up your dad this weekend for Father’s Day (you did remember to at least send a card, right?). If you’re looking for a fun, free, and educational gift to send to Pops, why not forward him a curated list of interesting articles and essays about the film industry!?

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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of June 13, 2016)

Become a Location Scouting Pro: Five Scouting Tips for Filmmakers (via Matthew Arnold-Ladensack for Stage 32)
Oh, the places you’ll go (and film in)!

How Netflix Became Hollywood’s Frenemy (via Michal Lev-Ram for Fortune)
A profile on how the company plays (friendly or not) with the competition.

Why Pete’s Dragon and Other Disney Family Films Are Getting Buzzier Directors (via Kyle Buchanan for Vulture)
Disney keeps racking up that indie street cred. (Worth reading with this piece on the cautionary downside).

YouTube Stars Form New Guild To Give Creators A Stronger Voice (via Sarah Kessler for Fast Company)
Think Norma Rae meets Jenna Marbles.

The 20 Most Exciting Cinematographers Working Today (via Adam Chitwood for Collider)
For once, the DPs get focused on. (Instead of being the ones doing the focusing… get it?)

Bedlam Blueprint: Quentin Tarantino, the Unnatural Screenwriter (via Jacob Knight for Birth. Movies. Death.)
Studying the non-directing screenwriting career of Tarantino.

What is the Cannes Market, and Should You Bring Your Movie There? (via Emily Buder for No Film School)
Going inside the world’s largest movie marketplace.

Father’s Day Special: Bad Dads (via Laura Kern for Film Comment)
Notably missing: Mrs. Doubtfire. Good dad or bad dad? Discuss.


New Releases

Movies from our June Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

Rainbow Flag of Film: A Tribute to LGBTQ Cinema (via Fandor Keyframe)

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