We took a break from the good reads last weekend so we could celebrate Independence Day in style (by not reading, unlike those British nerds we broke away from). But we’re back this week with a new crop of film industry articles, advice, and news for your patriotic reading pleasure.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 8, 2019)

Divided We Fall (via Monica Castillo for Film Comment)
The story of Third World Cinema Corporation, the Ossie Davis/Rita Moreno-led production company that made films for underrepresented audiences in the 1970s.

The Ultimate Film Grants List for Every Filmmaker in 2019 (via Herman Wilkins for StudioBinder)
Want to dip your toe into the grant application process? Here’s a guide to get you started.

Will AMC’s Plan Breathe New Life into Indie Theatrical Runs? (via Evan Littman for No Film School)
A look at how a major movie theater chain will try to give its indies a boost.

Before The Blair Witch Project hit theaters, a TV special reinforced its ingenious deception (via Andrew Paul for The A.V. Club)
The Sci-Fi mockumentary that lent credence to the Sundance mockumentary it was secretly promoting.

A24 Reveals The Secret Of Their Public Access Promotion (via Kristy Puchko for Pajiba)
Are recent arthouse hits coming to a city billboard near you?

If One Thing In Hollywood Could Change, What Should It Be? (via Stephen Galloway for The Hollywood Reporter)
An informal survey of film industry folks on what needs a-changin’.

The Long, Complicated History of Black Cinema in Chicago (via Tiffany Walden for Complex)
From Cooley High to Soul Food to Chi-Raq.


New Releases

Movies from our July Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

July 14 marks the 50th Anniversary of Easy Rider‘s release. Hear the story of how Jack Nicholson almost wasn’t cast (via AFI)

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