This weekend will see Darrien and Eliza flying off to the mountains of Utah for the Sundance Creative Producers Summit. Nothing like hanging with filmmakers at a beautiful mountain resort! What will you be doing this weekend? Laundry, probably. And also catching up on all the fascinating film articles that circulated the internet this week. (And maybe try to see a movie if you can. Indie or otherwise, we don’t discriminate.)

Good Reads for the week of July 27, 2015

The Strange Inside Story of the Legendarily Bad, Never-Released Fantastic Four Movie from 1994
(via Mike Pearl for Vice)
That weird time when Marvel and indie film crossed paths to disastrous results.

No, I didn’t call your shitty movie a “comedic masterstroke” (via A.A. Dowd for The A.V. Club)
Don’t make a film critic mad. You see, they’re pretty good at using their words, and they will take you down.

Brokeback Mountain: 10 Years On (via Aaron Hicklin for Out)
A look at the history and legacy of the Oscar-winning film.

What’s The Best-Cast Film In Movie History? (via Meghan O’Keefe for Decider)
A comprehensive list (though where’s Clue at?)

Legendary Filmmaker and “King of the B’s” Roger Corman on Feminism, Poe, and the State of Independent Filmmaking (via Alison Nastasi for Flavorwire)
The iconic DIY filmmaker talks about his B-movie glory days, and how it’s harder than ever to get a proper release.

Relativity’s Downfall And The Hard Road For Second-String Film Studios (via Scott Mendelson for Forbes)
With another small studio shuttering, what’s the outlook for the future of non-blockbuster indies?

Lego-izing, Theorizing, and Problematizing: How We Process Movies in 2015
(via Noel Murray for Oscilloscope Laboratories)
Stay tuned for our listicle of everything this article gets right about film writing. (What happens next will shock you!)


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