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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 17, 2017)

Remembering George Romero (via Edgar Wright for Edgar Wright Here)
The Shaun of the Dead filmmaker memorializes the legendary Night of the Living Dead director.

Dorsal Fins On Screen: The State of Shark Entertainment (via Tony Phillips for Signature Reads)
Four decades after Jaws, we still can’t get enough shark movies.

What Romantic Comedies Say About Women, According To A 12-Year-Old Sarah Ramos (via Sage Young for Bustle)
When Ramos found a rom-com script she wrote when she was 12 she didn’t just cringe, she filmed it.

6 Producing Skills That Saved Directors (via Baptiste Charles-Aubert for Raindance)
Tips learned by industry veterans like Roger Corman, Christine Vachon, and Steven Spielberg.

Inside Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Plan to Revolutionize Entertainment on Mobile Screens (via Andrew Wallenstein for Variety)
From Disney to DreamWorks to… your iPad?

Can an Actress Who’s Struggled With an Eating Disorder Safely Lose Weight for a Role? (via Anna Silman for The Cut)
When actors push themselves physically, how far is too far?


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

High School Noir: An Interview with Brick Producer Ram Bergman
From the indieBlog Archive: Producer Ram Bergman (now producing a little film called Star Wars) talked to us early in his career about helping to make Rian Johnson’s debut film, teen-noir Brick.


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Oh hai, trailer for The Disaster Artist! (via A24)

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