Temperatures have finally warmed and film industry news is still a-chuggin’. So we’ve collected some of the week’s crucial reads for filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles. Gotta stay savvy.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of February 4, 2019)

Welcome to the Golden Age of Black Filmmaking (via Touré for Airbnb Magazine)
It’s Black History Month, so what better time than now to reflect on the strives made in the black film canon?

Color Commentary: A Seasoned Colorist Breaks Down the Process, and How It Will Enhance Your Movie (via Caitlin Díaz for MovieMaker Magazine)
Meet the post-production person who can make your picture pop. (And learn how they can help you in pre-production too!)

ALEXA Mini is the Dominant Camera Behind Sundance 2019 Films. RED’s Fans Take a Stand (via Yossy Mendelovich for Y.M. Cinema Magazine)
An un-scientific study of what cameras the filmmakers of Sundance 2019 preferred.

Over 100 Cast Members and No Permits: How I Shot Ham on Rye in Los Angeles (via Carson Lund for Filmmaker Magazine)
Well… technically we should recommend that you always get your permits… but this is also a good read.

‘You Can’t Just Stop.’ Hollywood Legend Cicely Tyson on Why She’ll Never Retire (via Lucy Feldman for Time)
Catching up with the 93-year-old, fresh off her honorary Oscar.

Roma star Yalitza Aparicio is so much more than her Oscar fairy tale (via Carolina A. Miranda for Los Angeles Times)
Profiling the schoolteacher-turned-actress and the struggles of bringing indigenous stories to the screen.

The Rise of the iPhone Auteur (via Ben Lindbergh for The Ringer)
From Tangerine to Soderbergh, the continuing ascent of iPhone filmmaking.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Sundance Film Festival 2019 Recap
Check out our staff picks and all the award-winners of Sundance ’19.


A video worth watching

Happy Anniversary, United Artists! (Formed 100 years ago this week.) (h/t The New York Times)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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