Happy Spirit Awards Weekend! (And also that other awards show that’s happening in Hollywood on Sunday.) SAGindie will be in attendance at the 2019 Spirit Awards show in Santa Monica on Saturday, but if you’ll be missing that party, you can still live it up in style by reading these film industry-related news articles! See, we’re all winners this weekend!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of February 18, 2019)

How a Film Color Palette Can Make You a Better Filmmaker (with Infographics) (via Jason Hellerman for No Film School)
How to bring color theory into your filmmaking.

Why Amazon Prime Could Be The Best Platform To Release Your Independent Feature Film On (via Noam Kroll)
How one microbudget film fared on Amazon compared to other SVOD platforms.

A Late Bloomer’s Guide to Launching Your Acting Career (via Jami Tennille for Backstage)
It’s never too late to step in front of a camera!

Are We in a Golden Age for Experimental Film Scores? (via Daniel Dylan Wray for Pitchfork)
The out-of-the-box music popping up on screen.

How to win an Oscar (via Alissa Wilkinson for Vox)
Shockingly, it takes more than “make a wonderful film then cross your fingers.”

Shooting on Film in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know If You’re Still Taking Stock in Film Stock (via HutcH for MovieMaker Magazine)
The cinematographer of 1985 on how they made a Super 16mm movie on a low budget.

How to Not Feel Like a Failure in the Film Industry (via Chris Osborn for The Talkhouse)
Career self-assessment and envisioning a new way of making independent movies from the director of True Blue.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

IFP’s Independent Filmmaker Labs
Learn more about this unique year-long mentorship program for first-time directors.

Movies & Music Profile: Composer Gregory Reeves
How to compose for film, TV, and ad campaigns.


A video worth watching

Warm your heart with the 40-year work relationship of Jeff Bridges and his stand-in (via The Hollywood Reporter)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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