Life is busy – you’re voting, you’re being thankful, you’re preparing your parting words for the somehow-still-not-dead-yet Twitter. It can be tough to stay up-to-date on all the latest film industry news, profiles, analysis, and advice. That’s why we’ve curated some essential reads you may have missed over the past month. So take some time to catch up with this month’s good reads!


This Month’s Good Reads (November 2022)

Looking Back at a Half-Forgotten Pioneer of Method Acting (via Isaac Butler for The New Yorker)
Meet John Garfield, who went “Method” before Brando.

James Ivory Has Been Making Films for 70 Years. His Latest Might Be His Most Personal (via Raymond Ang for GQ)
Catching up with the 94-year-old writer/director (whom Wes Anderson calls one of “the most independent of independent film-makers ever”).

How Hollywood’s Favorite Charity Went Broke (via Gary Baum & Katie Kilkenny for The Hollywood Reporter)
The Motion Picture & Television Fund – known for assisting industry elders – now needs assistance of its own.

Elvis Mitchell Thrillingly Explores the Golden Age of Black Cinema in Is That Black Enough for You?!? (via Kyndall Cunningham for The Daily Beast)
The film critic-turned-documentarian on digging into Black film history.

Film Scores Cover a Spectrum of Sounds and Musical Colors. Here Are a Few of Note. (via Tim Greiving for Los Angeles Times)
Highlighting some of the best scores of the year.

Get to Know Euzhan Palcy: The Sundance Alum Adding Honorary Oscar to Voluminous Accolades (via Vanessa Zimmer for The Sundance Institute)
Palcy joined Michael J. Fox, Diane Warren, and Peter Weir as this year’s Academy Governors Awards recipients.

The Streaming Death Spiral Must End (via David Sims for The Atlantic)
Will the executive shakeup at Disney change the streaming-only release model?

Film 101 – The Sales Agent (via Brian Newman for Sub-Genre Media)
The who, what, why, and how of the sales agent.

From Homelessness to Hollywood: How Director Elegance Bratton Made The Inspection (via Tim Brinkhof for Mic)
From filming for the Marines to filming about the Marine experience.

I Made a Lifetime Christmas Movie! (via Rebecca Alter for Vulture)
A Very Background Actor Christmas!

Attack of the Zeros and Ones: The Early Years of Digital Cinema, As Told by David Lynch, Miranda July, Michael Mann and More (via Samuel Wigley for Sight & Sound)
Looking back on the mini-DV days.

Nicolas Cage and John Carpenter Are Cinema’s Most Studious Eccentrics (via Hannah Ongley for Document)
Cage and Carpenter in conversation.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Mali Elfman, writer/director of Next Exit
We talked to the prolific horror producer about making her genre-bending feature directorial debut.

Film Independent Forum 2022 Highlights
Daily recaps and video highlights from the SAGindie-sponsored filmmaker education event.

2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominees
The films, filmmakers, performers, and series up for the big West Coast indie prize.

The 2022 Gotham Awards Winners
The films, filmmakers, performers, and series that took home the big East Coast indie prize.


A video worth watching

How to make your film’s explosions… pop (via Corridor Crew)

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