O.K., here I am again.  Of course, Paul threatened to fire me (again) if I didn’t blog.  You see what genius Rene came up with under duress.  I figure I have nothing to compare to (no geek meltdowns for me, I’m above it all).

So Paul officially ruined his highly regarded record of never seeing a film.  He saw X-Men as a "man date" with his best friend.  They liked it fine from what I can tell.  Then, Brett Ratner came through to do a "Conversations" .  Now Brett and I are old friends.  O.K., I used to work for Russell Simmons, who IS Brett’s friend, but I’m "that chick who used to work for Russell".  It was good to see him.  If I had known what a big director he would become, I would have been nicer to him.  (nah, I’m just mean by nature).  You’ve seen pictures of him, so I don’t feel the need to show him (he’s getting a decent amount of press here – go figure).

After Brett, Nick Nolte came through to discuss his long career.  I didn’t listen, I haven’t seen the new movie but it sounds interesting (i.e. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I’m sure it is).  Anyhow, here’s a picture of Nick (I call him Nick) and our good friend Roger Ebert.  Nolte20ebert The picture isn’t likely to last in history like the infamous mugshot, but I guess I like it anyhow.  Roger’s great because he LOVES our SAGIndie hats.  I need to get him the new one.  We’ve left the distressed orange baseball hats, and we’ve moved up to the pristine looking, sleek black and grey hats.  Very chic.  He’ll probably hate it. 

Life in Cannes has been cool.  I mean, practically cold.  The mornings tend to be overcast, so you don’t know if it’s a storm coming, or if it’ll burn off (and burn you as well).  The main problem has been the wind (no, not Ebert).  It’s been so windy that patio furniture has blown about, hats have been lost, and yacht parties have been cancelled!!!  Tragedy! (Especially since it included the one party that we were actually invited to).  Now, the premiere of X-Men is happening today.  I want to know where the hell Halle Berry is and why can’t she control the weather?!  I mean, COME ON!  That blond wig and scary contact lenses must have given her some residual power.  Freaky.  Besides, Storm is cool (I like any superhero that’s Black, since we are seldomly endowed with public powers).

Anyhow, I’m out.  It’s nearly 5pm and I haven’t really started drinking yet.  My daughter is 3 sheets already, so I have to catch up.  Ciao! oops, I mean, Au Revoir!

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