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ANYWAY, this morning I had music videos on in the background, hoping to catch some of the new Tim Burton helmed Killers video. I didn’t see it (in truth I’m not even sure it’s finished), but I did come in during the middle of a video which, to my surprise, appeared to be starring our very own Scott Garner! When, in between his busy schedule of unnecessary mocking my "problem" with cleanliness, Improv Olympic cage matches, RPGs and "quitting" smoking, did he have time to star in a music video?

The credits cleared it up for me, though. Turns out it was Weird Al! I know, right? The last album of his I remember came out when I was in elementary school. Apparently he’s still around! (And back – in POG form! Free massage from DMG to whomever gets that reference!)

Here it is, only slightly less cringe-inducing than the other video I reported about a few days ago:

Scott Garner’s Weird Al’s "White and Nerdy"

(And just for fun, I found all our doppelgangers: DMG, Paul, and me.

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