This week celebrated both National Book Day and National Literacy Day, which is great because we put this weekly listing together specifically for people to read! Not in book form, mind you, but read nonetheless. So if you enjoy celebrating your literacy by reading about the film business, we’ve got you covered.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of September 5, 2016)

From SNL to Other People: 10 Things I Learned Directing My First Film (via Chris Kelly for The Talkhouse)
The co-head-writer of Saturday Night Live on his first indie filmmaking experience.

CAA’s Micah Green, Roeg Sutherland on the State of the Indie Film Business (via Ramin Setoodeh for Variety)
An indie film analysis from the agency perspective.

The Black List for Female Directors? New Survey to “Shine a Spotlight” on Rising Talent (via Rebecca Ford for The Hollywood Reporter)
A new platform to give props to women in film.

Harvey Weinstein Isn’t Alone: Why Independent Film Distributors Are Taking a Beating (via Graham Winfrey for IndieWire)
Theatrical, Streaming, OnDemand, DVD… how smaller outlets are trying their best to keep up.

In Hollywood, people with disabilities are almost nonexistent (via Alyssa Rosenberg for The Washington Post)
Why the call for diversity needs to expand beyond race and gender.

Kansas, Can Do: Why You Can Sustain an Independent Moviemaking Career Outside of L.A., NYC and Austin (via Steve Balderson for MovieMaker Magazine)
How to live a filmmaker’s life in an affordable city.

Sex Is Funny. Love Is Funny. So Where Are All Our Great Romantic Comedies? (via Liz Meriwether for The Cut)
The New Girl showrunner laments the death of a once-beloved movie genre.

From Denial To Acceptance: 15 Years Of Hollywood And 9/11 (via Oliver Lyttelton for The Playlist)
On the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, a look back at the film world’s evolving response.

Tallying the Bottom Line for Independent Films Is Tricky Business (via Ben Fritz for The Wall Street Journal)
Why indie film distributor The Orchard has decided to open their books and show the real numbers behind their film releases.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Justin Tipping, co-writer/director of Kicks
The Student Academy Award-winning filmmaker talks about his feature directorial debut.


New Releases

Movies from our September Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

Go Inside Metrograph, the Coolest New Movie Theater in the World (via GQ)

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