I mean, uh, BOY have I missed you all!  I realized that I haven’t been here in probably 7 or 8 months!  You all must be starving for intellectual commentary.  Still, as I’ve read the last few posts from Paul, I’ve come to understand that he is rather amusing (and not only for his style in clothes). 

So yes, I left for a while and had a baby.  And no, Paul’s not the Daddy (not until he starts paying child support).  But please believe that I am back at work.  So far, my darling daughter and I have been to 3 film events, including Sundance.  Hence, I didn’t see very many pictures (which makes me wonder why I’m even blogging).  None really wowed me, though STEPHANIE DALEY definitely left an impression.  My hubby saw THE DESCENT with Paul and really liked it to, so maybe Paul’s taste isn’t THAT bad.  At least we survived the snow and cold with a well known remedy.

So, where’ve I been?  I spent a weekend in Savannah Georgia and the SCAD festival.  Always fun, and the food is good.  But with a child, it’s hard to see movies.  Mind you, daughter is great in movies, she’s been to many and she basically sleeps through them.  But it’s the look of horror on audience members and filmmakers alike when they see me sitting with her that I can do without.  As if the presence of my daughter is enough to ruin the artistry of their incoherent, meandering waste of celluloid.  Do I sound offended?

So what’s next for us?  March will find us enjoying the Independent Spirit Awards (sans child) and SXSW (with child).  Mainly, I’m hoping to enjoy my favorite movie-going experience.  At the Alamo Drafthouse you can enjoy a beer and chicken wings while watching a cool movie.  Why aren’t all theaters like that?

And yes, Paul, I promise to be back before the kid turns 1.

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