It’s October! Which means adults can eat candy judgement-free as we catch up on the best horror movies the cinema (or Netflix) has to offer. The month even kicked off in the aftermath of a blood moon (which sounds way cooler and scarier than it actually was. It was not as werewolf or vampire-related as we had hoped.) But there was also some non-lunar news going on in the world this week – namely of the movie-industry variety. We’ve collected some of the best ones below.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of September 28, 2015)

What It’s Like Binge-Watching More Than 60 Hours of Movies at a Film Festival (via Jonathan Doyle for Vice)
We love seeing movies, but that just seems unhealthy.

Scene-stealers and familiar faces: A field guide to 19 of today’s best character actors (via The A.V. Club)
Your guide to the best “that guy/lady!” performers.

What I Learned From Finding My Lead Actress Through ‘Women and Hollywood’
(via Liz Manashil for Women and Hollywood)
When filmmaking and film blogging collide.

The Distributor as Auteur (via David Ehrlich for Slate)
Inside the coolest distributor on the indie film block, A24.

Scary Good Times Ahead: What Fantastic Fest 2015 Taught Us About Indie Horror’s Future
(via Matt Barone for Tribeca)
Looks like we’re in for some good scares at the movies this year.

Film Snob? Is That So Wrong? (via A.O. Scott for The New York Times)
Film snob: badge of honor or demeaning insult?


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion):

SAGindie’s October Movie Picks
See which movies we’re psyched for this month.


New Releases

Movies from our October Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

The SAG Foundation’s awesome panel on independent filmmaking, with producer Raphael Kryszek (The Road Within), director Jen McGowan (Kelly & Cal), and actors/producers Patrick Renna and Tommy Savas (Bad Roomies). Moderated by Chris Krebsbach:

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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