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After a seemingly thin March (movie-release-wise), we are now on to April, another one of those in-betweener months. What constitutes an “April movie?” Aside from the obvious (a movie released in April), you can see from this month’s release calendar it’s a mixed bag of genres, budget levels, and release sizes. So take a look at what the SAGindie staff plan to see from this large swath of April movies.


Darrien’s Picks:

Come April, there (hopefully) will be rain and that’s a good time to see movies. This April has a few I’d seek shelter with:

GREEN ROOM – I’d watch Patrick Stewart in anything, and this seems like a lovely, fatherly type of film, right?!

MR. RIGHT – because it’s Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick. I can’t imagine two more interesting, vertically challenged people to watch meet cute, fall in love, and potentially kill some folks.

MILES AHEAD – I’m black. Yep. That’s why. Though I am interested to see how well Don Cheadle directs. Cuz he’s black, too.

MOTHER’S DAY – because nothing will tell me more about the struggles of being a mom than to watch Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts go through the hardship of being frumpy mothers with no life. Wait, what?!


Eliza’s Picks:

Everybody Wants Some
Louder Than Bombs
Green Room
Probably Hateful Eight at one of the 900 daily screenings of it at the New Beverly.


Colin’s Picks:

I am really feeling this April release calendar. There is a LOT to choose from. New star vehicles for funny comedians? Key & Peele in Keanu, Melissa McCarthy in The Boss, and Ricky Gervais in Special Correspondents, thankyouverymuch. Well-reviewed films that I continually missed at festivals but will finally be able to see? Green Room, The Invitation, and Sing Street, por favor. There’s also the Dazed and Confused “spiritual sequel” Everybody Wants Some!! (exclamation points theirs, not mine). On top of all that, there’s a horror anthology movie confusingly released in April (Holidays), a Spanish-language buddy-cop comedy (Compadres), and an HBO movie to feed my current ‘90s-true-crime-OJ-Simpson-minseries obsession (Confirmation).

What are the odds I actually get a moment to see all of these movies during April? Slim to none, but at least I have an abundance of options. Much appreciated, Hollywood!


Amanda’s Picks:

Everybody Wants Some — Male jocks in the 80s, not much I can relate to here, but Linklater has won me over thus far, I’ve gotta try

Jungle Book — It just looks so darn pretty

Havana Motor Club — I really really love cars

Tale of Tales — Salma Hayek eating that heart is disturbing and weird and everything great about fairy tales

*Green Room — I feel like this one is a can’t miss, but maybe I’ll wait for the vod release because thrillers make me tense (I know they’re supposed to!)

Honorable Mention: Keanu — That kitten in the trailer doe



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