We’ve entered June, and while “summer movies” have been popping up since February, “summer reading” has just begun. So while you’re looking for some good beach-browsing materials for yourself (or your kids, why not), here are this week’s essays, articles, and thinkpieces that will interest any film-loving reader.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 30, 2016)

The Black Film Canon (via Aisha Harris and Dan Kois for Slate)
Counting down the 50 greatest films made by black directors.

Fandom Is Broken (via Devin Faraci for Birth. Movies. Death.)
You can’t always get what you want, fanboys.

Can a ‘Crowdfunded Studio’ Help Indie Filmmakers Make a Living? (via Justin Morrow for No Film School)
How Seed&Spark is combining crowdfunding and distribution.

The Great Film Festival Swindle (via Stephen Elliott for The Rumpus)
A study of over 100 filmmakers asks how festivals really select their films.

Tarantino and Coffee: Why It’s More Than Just a Drink (via Caitlyn McHugh for The Independent)
The connection between a caffeinated beverage and a quirky filmmaker.

Why Move Reshoots Aren’t Necessarily a Bad Sign (via Peter Sciretta for /Film)
Getting extra time and money to finish your film? First-world filmmaking problems.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

SAGindie’s June Movie Picks
Our must-see list for this month in movies.


New Releases

Movies from our June Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

The art of slow motion (via The Discarded Image)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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