*Michael Tully calls David Lynch’s Inland Empire "an extremely gifted artist fucking around in his backyard". Is anyone surprised by this? Yeah, I thought I liked David Lynch in high school, when I was attracted to complete lunatics and the best way to bait them was to talk about how much you loved his work while listening to Bauhaus.

*Yet another disappointed blogger talks about Sofia C’s Marie Antoinette. Despite the negative reviews from virtually 100% of the audiences at each screening, I think I’m still going to see it. Why? Definitely not because I actually like anything she’s done before, because I don’t. I do, however, like New Order. A lot.

*This weekend’s box office was led by two films 1% more stimulating than the lowest common denominator.

*From now on, when people approach me to ask if "anyone has ever told you that you look like…", I can respond with "Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2006? Yeah."

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