That’s right, it’s my…….uh…? anniversary of my 21st birthday, and it has again fallen on the date of the Annual SAGIndie Karaoke Night in Cannes.  But I don’t sing, can’t sing, don’t think it’s right to do to others, and yet Paul seems intent on making me sing.  You’d think he’d try to be nice to me for my birthday, but no.  First, he called me a skank on his blog (don’t bother reading it, he’s not that funny), now he wants me to humiliate myself and possibly hurt others with the sound of my voice.  Mean, mean man.

     As for Morgan Freeman, I have to say that I totally agree with his anti-piracy thing.  I mean, look at all the yachts, etc. that are here in Cannes. 1060661_img_1  Despite that one guy who seems to have lost his dinghy, these are really nice boats.  I mean, PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAIL HERE WITH THEIR NICE STUFF AND NOT WORRY ABOUT ONE-EYED GUYS WITH PEG LEGS RIPPING THEM OFF!!!  What?…..Not that kind of piracy?………never mind.

   Anyhow, it’s the last real day of work here and I’m ecstatic.  It’s been a long, hard two weeks and I’m tired.  Tomorrow, Paul thinks I’m helping him pack up stuff to ship home (right, be right there).  I plan to go to the beach, then home to pack.  Saturday morning, I’m headed to the airport and on to a long a$$ flight (12 hours in all) back to Los Angeles.  As long as the movies are decent, the food remotely edible, and I’m able to sleep during the flight, I might survive this journey.  All in all, it wasn’t bad.  Despite the torrents of rain that fell, the weather was sometimes nice, the people often nice, and I hear that they show movies somewhere.  I’ll have to check that out next year.   Au Revior.  (that’s French for "I’m Audi")

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