O.K., I had to try to fit my pimp handle in this somehow, and they wouldn’t let me use it for my member name.  Apparently someone thought this blogging thing would be a good idea, so here I am.  I’m supposed to report on all the happenings I attend, hear about, or have lurked in the bushes of.  I think this is an extremely dangerous forum, since I’m not exactly known for my decorum or discretion, but since I now know (through an unfortunate incident that remains sealed by the court) the subtle properties of and differences between libel and slander, I guess I’ll be fine.

We’re headed to Cannes this week.  It’s pretty cool, even though we end up working ourselves to death and don’t get to see very many movies.  The only year I actually saw movies was 2003, and I saw the trifecta of Matrix 2, Elephant, and Brown Bunny.  I no longer spend anytime worrying if I’ll get to see a movie.  But it would be cool to see the last episode of Star Wars (for free).  Even if I have to be wearing a formal gown in order to do it.

So stay tuned and keep checking in.  While Paul and Scott tell you all the proper things that indie lovers should know, I’ll be making a list of which celeb got blasted and fell off a yacht. 

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