You made it, people. We all made it. It’s the final month of 2015, and along with the holiday feasts, retail deals, and all that nog December brings, it also brings one hell of a movie release slate. So as we prep for 2016 to arrive, take a look at the December movies the SAGindie staff are most excited to end our year with.


Darrien’s Picks:

OK, I’m not going to nerd out and see STAR WARS the first showing – shaking, crying, and dressed in my favorite Ewok outfit (I’m looking at you, Amanda), but I WILL see it. If I have to lie to everyone in my family about a doctor’s appointment, or whatever, and sneak away, I WILL SEE IT.

I plan to see Chi-Raq. It seems like a film that could get Spike back in his stride. I hope.

Macbeth. Fassbender. Nuff said.

Concussion. Because I love football and this is actually an important story.

And I admit, I’m intrigued by In the Heart of the Sea. A story of survival on the open water; it’s like Life of Pi with a whale.


Eliza’s Picks:

Hateful Eight
Whatever my niece insists on seeing Christmas day


Colin’s Picks:

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie for Christmas? Krampus has my name all over it. Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and that monster will be my Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh this year.

I’m excited to see what Spike Lee has in store with Chi-Raq. And as a Tarantino fan (and at the risk of angering local police), I have to see The Hateful Eight. For some laughs, I gotta give love to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and go see Sisters, because comedy is a precious gift that should be shared with loved ones during this Season of Giving (lol jk I’m just going cuz I loved Baby Mama).


Amanda’s Picks:

There’s really only one movie I care about this December. Sure, Hateful Eight and The Revenant and Chi-Raq all look really interesting, but on December 18th history is going to be made, and Star Wars VII is going to be the reason for it. I’ve obviously already purchased my tickets to see it opening night, and Darrien can attest I checked my seats in the Chinese Theater (where it premiered in ’77) during another movie screening. Yeah, they’re ballin’. Even though I did dress up as a Jedi for the Episode III premiere we all know the prequels didn’t really count, so this will obviously be the showing I tell my (eventual) kids about. I may not be in costume, but I’ll still be rocking my trilogy tee as I wait in line to go to a galaxy far, far away.



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