This week in New York was IFP’s Independent Film Week, with tons of useful filmmaking info spread across a full week (where SAGindie sponsored Monday’s slate of events). And since IFP could dedicate an entire week to indie film, we are going to dedicate an entire Good Reads to Indie Film Week. See some of the highlights, quotes, and front-line reports from this year’s conference. (Thanks to the good folks at Indiewire and Filmmaker Magazine for their recaps!)


Good Reads: Independent Film Week Edition

Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Ten Goals for IFP’s Independent Film Week (via Filmmaker Magazine)
How one filmmaker prepped for his week of networking, pitching, and selling.

Why We Bought Your Film: Top Distributors Answer The Tough Questions (via Emily Buder for Indiewire)
How to navigate the murky waters of theatrical and digital distribution.

An Unpredictable Release: Four Surprising Facts about It Follows‘ Road to Success (via Sarah Salovaara for Filmmaker Magazine)
How the low-budget indie horror film hit it big.

Five Questions for Sales Agent and Producer Bill Strauss (via Anisha Jhaveri for Filmmaker Magazine)
The Straight Outta Compton producer and Uncertain Terms sales agent talks pitching and producing.

Carol Producer Christine Vachon on the Past, Present and Future of Indie Filmmaking (via Ryan Anielski for Indiewire)
Highlights from Vachon’s talk about the 20th anniversary of her production company Killer Films.

Five Questions for Producer Mike S. Ryan (via Sarah Salovaara for Filmmaker Magazine)
The Meek’s Cutoff producer on what he looks for in a script, a director, and a TV show.

How to Craft the Perfect Pitch for Your Web Series (via Ryan Anielski for Indiewire)
Vital information for new media producers.

Five Questions for Producer Peter Phok about Crowdfunding’s Aftermath (via Scott Macaulay for Filmmaker Magazine)
The V/H/S producer on the commitment it requires for a crowdfunding campaign.

Seven Tips for Nailing Your Narrative Film Pitch (via Will Barlow for Indiewire)
Experts weigh in on filmmakers’ 90-second pitches.

Five Questions for SXSW Film Director Janet Pierson (via Scott Macaulay for Filmmaker Magazine)
How new media and TV is being embraced by the festival.

Shooting on Film? At IFP Screen Forward, Debating the Merits and Pitfalls in a Digital Age (via Anisha Jhaveri for Filmmaker Magazine)
Filmmakers weigh in on shooting film or digital.


New Releases

Movies from our September Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

We sponsored the Case Study on It Follows, so here’s a scene from the movie discussed by writer/director David Robert Mitchell (via The New York Times)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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