We just finished the 4th Annual SAGIndie Student Barbecue where we sacrificed a virgin and cooked him over an open flame.

I’m just kidding.

There are no virgins in France.

Actually, this was our yearly picnic for the American Pavilion students with food meant to remind them of home: BBQ pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and banana custard tarts (okay, we can only get so much American food in France…).

The Barbecue took place at the brand new SAGIndie Student Union, a place where the students can get away from the Festival frenzy, enjoy a meal, and relax. The new Student Union is in the same building as the Cannes Acting School, which I think is highly appropriate. It’s funny, the school is exactly the same as acting schools in Los Angeles: You see dozens of beautiful people standing outside the building “emoting.” Only in French.

SAG members Ian Ziering (who was also the subject of today’s Student Trivia Contest: What was the name of his character on 90210? Anyone?) and Rachael Leigh Cook, who are both selling films at the Cannes Market, dropped by to meet the students and answer questions about their careers.

We’d like to thank them both for taking time from their busy schedules. Thanks!


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