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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of September 11, 2017)

SAG-AFTRA Mourns the Passing of New York Local President Mike Hodge (via SAG-AFTRA)
A good man and a good friend to independent film.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Creates Hurricane Relief Fund to Aid Affected Members (via Casey Mink for Backstage)
Some much-needed support from the fine folks at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

25 New Faces of Independent Film 2017 (via Filmmaker Magazine)
Up-and-coming filmmakers you should be paying attention to.

The True Cost of Making Free in Deed (via Jake Mahaffy for The Talkhouse)
Inside the 12-year process of making the Spirit Award-nominated film.

All-Female Production Company Offers Tips for Emerging Filmmakers (via Gloria Muñoz for The Independent)
How to add some gender parity to your production company.

Netflix, Streaming Video And The Slow Death Of The Classic Film (via Zach Schonfeld for Newsweek)
How the streaming beheamoth is leaving cinephiles behind.

Miguel Arteta On Learning How to Run a Movie Set (via Charlie Sextro for The Creative Independent)
The Beatriz at Dinner director recounts the on-set education he got from Sidney Lumet and more.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

SAGindie’s 1997 Movie Picks
In celebration of SAGindie’s 20th Anniversary, our staff looked back on our favorite movies from 20 years ago.


New Releases

Movies from our September Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

The Do’s and Don’ts of Result Direction (via Travis Lee Ratcliff)

What is Result Direction? from Travis Lee Ratcliff on Vimeo.

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