Now that the government has begun its investigation into Hollywood gender discrimination, there was obviously a lot of writing on the topic this week, from newly-announced summits to responses from women directors to interviews with some groundbreaking women in film (in addition to some words of praise for the late Chantal Akerman, a groundbreaking female filmmaker in her own right). Aside from these stories (all worth a read), we’ve collected some more of the week’s best blogs and articles about the film industry.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 5, 2015)

The Dangers When Financiers Think They Can Produce Movies, Too (via Kim Masters for The Hollywood Reporter)
When financing and creative input collide.

The Video Store As Film School (via Richard Brody for The New Yorker)
How a generation of filmmakers learned their craft at the Video Hut.

How a small streaming site became the Netflix for indie film (via Amar Toor for The Verge)
The men behind MUBI.

How New .film Domain Will Help The Movie Business (via Nelson Granados for Forbes)
Because .com is so pedestrian.

How to Make a Must-See Heist Movie in a Single Shot (via Tim Grierson for Rolling Stone)
How a German director pulled off the most ambitious filmmaking feat of the year.

Movie Mezzanine’s Sam Fragoso Named Creative Director of San Francisco’s Roxie Theater
(via Vikram Murthi for Criticwire)
From movie blogger to movie theater bigwig.


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