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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of April 9, 2018)

The Old Man and the Screen (via John Saward for Vice)
A retrospective on the career of Al Pacino.

Will Hollywood Ever Make Another Children of Men? (via Alex Shephard for The New Republic)
A discussion with film writer Ben Fritz on the types of movies modern Hollywood is avoiding.

How to Read Your First Contract (via Hayden Field for Backstage)
Before an actor signs a deal, they should read this. (Also, read your contracts!)

Aisha Tyler’s Guide to Recovering From Disaster (via Aisha Tyler for The Talkhouse)
The (very busy!) actress’s war stories from making her first film, Axis.

Actors Say There Won’t Be Equal Pay Until Hollywood Creates More Diverse Roles (via Susan Cheng for BuzzFeed)
How the Hollywood wage gap is even wider for performers of color and those with disabilities.

Wild Horses: How The Rider Became the Breakout Movie of 2018 (via Amy Nicholson for Rolling Stone)
How a Chinese filmmaker teamed up with a rodeo star to make a modern indie Western.

Netflix vs. Cannes: why they’re fighting, what it means for cinema, and who really loses (via Alissa Wilkinson for Vox)
It wouldn’t be Cannes (or Netflix) without a little controversy!


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead of The Endless
The directors/stars of the sci-fi thriller talked to us about creating a supernatural universe on a DIY scale.


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Rocky Fight Choreography (via @MeredithFrost)

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