Now that another Halloween has come and gone, we can all get back to reading about the film industry without the distraction of costumes and candy and parties and fun…

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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 30, 2017)

Christine Vachon Stays Thriving by Telling the Stories That Hollywood Won’t (via Dana Stevens for Slate)
The powerhouse producer behind Happiness, Boys Don’t Cry, and Carol talks about her prolific career.

Greta Gerwig Is a Director, Not a Muse (via Noreen Malone for Vulture)
From “mumblecore” to Baumbach to making her own movie.

American Film Market Opens in Brutally Uncertain Time for Indie Movie Biz (via Dave McNary for Variety)
Navigating the industry at this year’s AFM.

The Evolution of Sarah Polley (via Soraya Roberts for Hazlitt)
Catching up with the Canadian child actress-turned-filmmaker.

Thor: Ragnarok‘s Taika Waititi Is Here to Save the Blockbuster (via Ira Madison III for GQ)
How the Kiwi director brought his indie sensibilities to the Marvel Universe.

‘This is just the beginning’ of change in the industry, says female director of new movie about life after sexual assault (via Rhana Natour for PBS NewsHour)
How Jessica Thompson responded to a toxic culture by making a movie about it.


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SAGindie’s November Movie Picks
A new slate of movie releases are coming up. What are you excited to see?


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The secret behind all those terrifying ’80s VHS covers (via Entertain the Elk)

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