October is chugging along quite nicely, so hopefully you are hard at work planning your indie-film-based Halloween costume (word to the wise: the adorable children from Moonrise Kingdom are way played out). So while you’re obsessing over which hairspray will give you that long-lasting Eraserhead look, or how to best adhere the syringe to your Mia Wallace getup, you can take a little break to catch up on some of the week’s best writing about the film industry.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 12, 2015)

Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars? (via Jennifer Lawrence for Lenny)
America’s Sweetheart throws down.

RocketJump’s Freddie Wong & Ben Waller Talk Hulu, New Media, Lego Chris Hardwick & More
(via Merrill Barr for Forbes)
The new media superstars on their upcoming docu-series about being new media superstars.

Film Leaders of the Moment: Forager Film’s Joe Swanberg, Eddie Linker and Peter Gilbert
(via Ray Pride for Newcity Film)
Inside Chicago’s busiest indie production company.

Twilight of the Movie Brats: Steven Spielberg and the Old ‘New’ Hollywood (via Steven Hyden for Grantland)
The young rebel filmmakers of the ’70s are now in their 70s. A look at how they’re holding up.

Inside Netflix’s $12-Million, Oscar-Seeking Gamble on Beasts of No Nation (via Nicole LaPorte for Fast Company)
The risks and rewards of Netflix’s feature distribution plan.

Atom Egoyan and Guy Maddin on Transitioning from Indie to Hollywood and Why Critics Don’t Matter
(via Emily Buder for Indiewire)
Low-budget woes from two filmmaking mavericks.

How Olivia Wilde is Championing Women in Film (via Louis Peitzman for BuzzFeed)
How becoming a producer has changed the actress’s outlook on Hollywood.


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